Our Project Coordinator, Shahbaz Alavi

"We believe in leading from the front and in the context of outsourcing it means taking ownership for delegation. Over the span of last eleven years, I have seen almost every company I have worked for fall in love with outsourcing (because of it's obvious flexibility and financial benefits), only to soon enough come to the bitter realisation that it is not for them. My mission is to put an end to this madness by showing how its done!"

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MPS Systems


Learn how we replaced a full on-site employee with an outsourced solution with complete flexibility and multiple levels of redundancies.

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Van Wijnen Groep


Find out more about how we deliver support on-site and remote with the options of expanding it into full-fledged outsourced solution.

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Our Testimonials

Shahbaz has a very quick understanding of technical matters and gets things done. From relatively simple models to technical drawings of complex configurations. He understands it and does it. Shahbaz, will ask you as well for more details to ensure that the models are correct. A diligent, hardworking and very pleasant person on whom you can fully rely.

Shahbaz is projectengineer en ondersteund mij als Projectmanager bij MPS met de projecten. Shahbaz is een zeer kundig Engineer. Denkt mee als het gaat over het zoeken van oplossingen. Is nauwkeurig in zijn werkzaamheden en laat zich vooral niet verleiden tot ff snel en dus onnauwkeurig. Communiceert helder en duidelijk.

Very happy how Shahbaz picked up all the work and mastered new skills in an incredibly short time. Always went out of his way to help his colleagues!

Shahbaz is een loyale vriendelijke collega met een no nonsens aanpak. Als mechanical engineers hebben we samen gewerkt aan het continu verbeteren van de robot laslijnen bij AWL techniek. Hij is goed in het stellen van de goede inhoudelijke vragen en het vinden van snelle degelijke oplossingen. Neem gerust contact op voor meer informatie. Ik zou graag weer een klus met hem oppakken.

Shahbaz is a fine person to work with, he is very eager to learn any new thing that comes on his way. Besides that, he has good mathematical and theoretical skills. When Shahbaz came to work at the Grisnich plant, I was surprised by the speed he integrated into the Dutch society. Three years later his Dutch is very good.

Shahbaz is 3 jaar werkzaam geweest voor Grisnich als tekenaar - constructeur. Werkt aan installaties voor het verwerken van Agrarische producten. (aardappelen en uien). De projecten zijn zowel binnen en buiten Europa.

Een zeer goed Mechanical Engineer met diepgaande kennis van onder andere SolidWorks. Staat altijd open om iets nieuws te leren - van software, systemen tot talen - en nooit te beroerd om net dat stapje extra te doen als het nodig is. Tot nu toe al meerdere projecten met veel plezier met hem gedaan op de R&D afdeling van AWL, en hoop dit nog veel vaker te kunnen doen.

For the short period I have worked with Shahbaz I have learned to know Shabaz as a kind and easy to work with colleague. Shabaz comes with creative, smart and low cost solutions. If we need temporarely extra capacity we would like to work with Shahbaz again!

I have had the opportunity of managing Shahbaz in my team at AEDesign Design and CAE department. Rather than boasting about his general office related tasks I would like to elaborate the traits that really defined his personality for me. Shahbaz is a very competitive individual with an attitude to get things right the first time around. He has the ability to WOW you with his problem solving skills and get you out of a tight spot. Generally someone who would keep to himself during office hours but has the potential to be innovative and always gives his full energy to the task at hand. I was also impressed with his sense of entrepreneurship when he started a small venture at the office, providing snacks to the colleagues during lunch break, unfortunately had to stop his booming venture because of company policies :D. I have known Shahbaz outside of work as a genuine friend. He has a well rounded personality in general. He has been a great sportsmen at the company's sporting events, and not only just because he was already good at some of the sports, seeing him grow into a competitive player in others was a treat to watch. The same equation goes for his office related tasks. I am sure Shahbaz will be an asset to any company as his management and technical skills will speak for themselves. His eagerness to become better highlights his dynamic personality. I highly recommend him to any potential employer and wish him a prosperous future ahead. Good-luck and keep rocking.