Meet the Team

Our company is nothing but a sum of it's employees and partners. Below is a bird's-eye-view of the key members, their skillset and their field of experience as well as their availibility.

Shahbaz Alavi

I have worked in technical roles for almost 15 years in different companies across two continents. I am exceptionally good at adapting, improvising and developing project-based work approaches.

  • Software | Creo Direct Solidworks Inventor
  • Availibility | On-site | Remote | Hybrid
  • Expertise | FMEA, Product Lifecycle, Eco Solutions
Omar Al-Matar

I have a strong background in optimizing thermal systems and improving engineering projects. Last 8 years, worked as site & QA/QC quality control engineer in construction, gaining valuable lessons.

  • Software | ANSYS Solidworks MATLAB
  • Availibility | On-site | Remote | Hybrid
  • Expertise | QA/QC, Thermal Systems
Haris Ali

I bring years of experience in mechanical design in sectors like material handling, OEM, consumer products, structural works. Led teams, tackled challenges with systematic problem-solving as my forte.

  • Software | CATIA Inventor Keyshot Creo Direct
  • Availibility | Remote
  • Expertise | DFM, Structural Detailing, Sheet-metal
Khwaja Ibrahim

Spent the majority of my career in product design and development, covering the entire product lifecycle. My work includes creating products for both consumer markets and global OEMs.

  • Software | CATIA Solidworks
  • Availibility | Remote
  • Expertise | Product Dev., Functional Design, Plastics.
Abdullah Alavi

I bring a ton of experience and skills to the table. My proficiency lies in IT consulting and Full-Stack Development. I thrive on tackling challenges and crafting innovative solutions.

  • Software | RoR HTML Bootstrap JS
  • Availibility | Remote
  • Expertise | MySQL, API & Web Dev, JS, IT Consulting.
Osama Tariq

I am deeply passionate about advancing sensing systems, FPGA-based designs, and leveraging machine learning methodologies. 9+ years of experience in R&D within the field of embedded systems.

  • Software | MATLAB TensorFlow Vivado
  • Availibility | Remote | Hybrid
  • Expertise | Embedded & Sensing Systems, FPGA, ML.